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Mikrodata GIS - about us:

We are continuing the tradition of more than fifteen years experiences on the field of developing software for geographical informatic system called Spatial Data Management System SDMS '97. Our employees in Mikrodata GIS have lots of experiences and many references at developing and introducing GIS applications and finding appropriate solutions for informatic support of communities,banks, insurance companies, public institutions, government institutions.

We offer also services (data recording, digitalisation, scanning...) on the field of geocoded data and setting digital databases. They can be used for any kind of GIS (MapInfo, ARC/Info, SICAD, Intergraph, Wingis, ACAD map...) .
GIS SDMS is selling on domestic and foreign markets. It belongs to the family of geographic informatic systems. By mastering its development, we in Miikrodata GIS learned specific technology, engineering of spatial informatic systems and preparing/handling analog data into digital.
Those experiences and first big references go back in 80's and 90's. Successful applications in several ministries, geodetical and statistical institutions, communities, communals, ... helped us to be occasionally an expert group for our government on the field of making a brand new geoinformatic structure in Slovenia.
Competition is becoming stronger, but we always win our market share with innovative, simple and productive solutions by using SDMS and its applications. Our product and services are regularly promoted on many important exhibitions and faires. E.g. SMAU Milano, EUREKA Bruxelles, INPEX Pittsburgh and majority of domestic faires. GIS products comparing geographical and statistical data are always waking lots of atention. This is a rare slovenian high-tech product and one of the most capable in EU and worldwide.