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Employees in Mikrodata GIS d.o.o.

Vinko Kurent
Biljana Kurent
Jadran Rudec


General manager:
Vinko Kurent, M.A.

Born in Trbovlje - Slovenia


Additional knowledge:
- Special education for Entrepreneur consultant
- Education in Management Academy in Munich - Running small companies
- Education ILO CENTRE Torino - Economy and Market promotion
- Special education: Organisation and building Geoinfo systems
- Knowledge and working with WINDOWS 95, 98, 2000 und NT, Internet
- Special knowledge on Geographic Information Systems and digital Databases
- Development of Informationsupport for communities - making of database for   immobilities, spatial management...etc.), working and managin with data for   strategical decisions (Socio-demographics and economic data).

Activities in chamber of commerce:
One of the founders of Association of Entrepreneurs Slovenia at the chamber of commerce of Slovenia. Momentarily vice-president of Association of Entrepreneurs Slovenia and president of Association of Entrepreneurs of region Podravje, with main task, how to approach services of chamber of commerce to small enterprises and how to influence on lokal and government policy for a better support environment.

- Member and vice president of the board of chamber of commerce.
- Member of the programme-presidium of statistical region Podravje.

Activities in government institutions:
Member of supervision-board of accelerating centre for small companies. Main task is to coordinate disposable financial and programme sources which are comming from the government.

English active
Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian active
German passive


Deputy general manager:
Biljana Kurent, ecc.

Born in Maribor - Slovenia


Business coordinator with many years' of organising information systems. Expert for scanning large scale maps, calibrating of digital pictures to appropriate format, cleaning scanned rasters and setting of digital databases.

Qualified internal auditor for quality management according to ISO 9001.

English active
Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian active
German passive


Leader of GIS section and -projects:
Jadran Rudec, iur.

Born in Virovitica - Croatia

Many years on preparing and leading all the GIS projects and making of GIS applications. Preparing and using the application - Obligatory taxes for building sites, land Cadastre, Object registry, Registry of territorial units,..... - from official sources in appropriate formats for database making. Also to consult at independent usage of GIS equipment. Great understanding of GIS potentials for customers.

Additional knowledge:
- Operation systems Windows 95, 98, 2000 and XP
- MS Access, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, MS FrontPage....
- Knowledge of Network structures and Internet potentials
- Knowledge of ACAD and GIS Software

Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian active
English passive