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Simple and funcitional tool for community administration to collect the necessary contents for automatical filling of a form to issue the data for location information. It is made in accordance to valid legislation of the country (Ur. List RS št. 35/04). Application allows the automatic transfer of the existing data in a form to print out the location information for the citizen's purposes (e.g. to build a house, etc.). Those data are, as follows: about parcel, about land usage and data according to appropriate community regulation, which have influence on the regime of spatial management of the community (decree about preserving cultural and natural heritage, decree about protecting the water resources, decree against the noise, etc.).
Application for searching through the Database in simple way, performing different mathematical operations with geo-coded data on specific territory (selected or standard), SQL analysys, making of thematic maps to compare data of equal value in specific territorial units, graph (pie chart, bar) drawings, map drawings...
Aplikacija Prostorski plan
The era of making the analog (on paper) spatial plans is not actual anymore. Government encourages and supports the digitalization of the existing spatial plans. The Application SPATIAL PLAN provides easier implementation of the GIS technology and easier making of the Spatial Acts, which are then handed over to the communities for further use in GIS.
Aplikacija Zemljiški kataster
Application for developers of the urbanistical documents, for communities, communal companies and any other, who needs a geodetical and ownership data about parcel in GIS environment. Cadastral Register Application is tuned with the legislation of the country or community, with existing standards of interchange, takeover or view of data (ARC/INFO, ACAD, INKAT, DKN, DREVI).
Aplikacija EPRESS
Main source of Slovenian community' own means in the budget is the Tax collecting for building sites use. GIS application EPRESS is the most widespread application of its kind in Slovenia. We cover over 35 communities in Slovenia. If the Community has the appropriate decree and EPRESS Application, it can collect this Tax by setting the database of measured objects with the help from Mikrodata GIS d.o.o.
Aplikacija Komunala
  The managers of the communal infrastructure are obliged, according to their technical regulation and owner's demands (community). Application ensures the cadastre management under all demands and standards and allows the interchange of arranged graphical and descriptive data to the owner (community).

Aplikacija Občine
  GIS Application contains a database of all disposable geocoded digital spatial data on the community' territory DOF 5, DREVI, PRS, EHIŠ, RPE, scannograms TK25,TTN5,...). With this Applicaton, the Community' management can manage and economize the community' property and space. The Application allows unlimited adding of the new data layers.
Aplikacija Kataster plazov
Because of frequent radical climate changes and also of illegal territory interventions, more and more avalanches are noticed. Keeping and making records of avalanches is a pretentious task, it requires a specific filling of a forms. With those forms the Community describes in detail the existing situation and then report that to the government. Our Application simplifies these procedures.
Aplikacija Komunalni prispevek
A possibility for community to regulate the possibility to charge the investor a tax of Communal contribution, when the building is new-built or adapted on communal settled parcel. This GIS Application ensures an automatic issuing of the all calculations and proper forms for "communal contribution" for community management, according to the regulation.
Aplikacija Baza cestnih podatkov - BCP
Perfect application for quality management of tranportability and security of the community' roads. For the quality management of the roads a good graphical and alphanumerical database of roads iis needed. GIS Application allows to the community to escort the conditions and maintainance works, not just alphanumerical, but also graphical and geo-located. The graphical part of the road register is connected via ODBC with the existing Application Road Database in the Community.
Aplikacija www Spletne občine
Perfect tool for community' inhabitants. E-business Application at issuing the authorizations at implementing the spatial legislature and some other statistical and geographical information. The application also allows the inhabitants to see their data of parcel, also to fill in some e-forms to obtain several documents, etc. Filled apply is then interactively updated on the GIS web-server of the Community and waits to be solved.